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TheMalaysianEdge.com… Get The Edge. The most comprehensive online directory for Malaysia. Soon, every business will be listed here….

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Why TheMalaysianEdge.com? – we are different, we are at the leading edge! Every detail a business could want is all on one page. Location, contact info, web and social links, pictures, tags and more.  Business owners can tell the story of their enterprise with text and HTML.

We have the most advanced & customizable search function. Our refine search module includes helpful sorting features, a radius (by city or zip code) slider for pinpoint accuracy (due to geo-coding each ad using the Google Maps API) and category-specific filtering.

The “Favorites” feature lets users mark listings as “favorite” so they can view them in their customer dashboard.

The user dashboard is the nerve center for our site’s users – a single page where users have access to all their reviews, contact info, site stats and business listings.

We understand how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for your business. Our themes are built to instantly take advantage of the SEO muscle that will make your listing easily found in the search engine like Google and Yahoo.  All you need to worry about is running your business. We will make sure that you will be found.


TheMalaysianedge.com utilizes the most popular business directory theme. It’s powerful, robust, and easy to use. That’s not all — our site is fully responsive which means it scales perfectly on any mobile devices. This means easy reading and navigation with no hassle, hence, your business can easily be found.


Have you seen what comes out when you search for something in the internet today? Most of us use Google as our search engine.  In Malaysia today, when you search for a property agent for example, you will not find the real, genuine and useful property agent listed in the websites that you found on first page of Google or Yahoo or MSN.  You will only find those part time agents and if you call them, you will soon realise that it is a total waste of your time.Have you tried to find a maid agency from the internet?  You can’t!  I am talking from experience.  I have to take a drive to the immigration office and started writing down the agent’s contact numbers from the notice board at the immigration!  How backward is Malaysia?!!

TheMalaysianEdge.com is here to change that.  If you think your business will benefit from being found online, get listed on TheMalaysianEdge.com.

Millions of people use the internet to find information.  In developed countries, the information found in the internet is useful.  But sadly, here in Malaysia, the information from the internet is not worth anyone’s while.  TheMalaysianEdge.com is here to change that.  You will benefit tremendously from this experience.  Give it a try Today, Now. Promotion. Only RM 1 to get listed…. The Price WILL GO UP SOON!

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  1. Firdaus says:

    saya nak iklan banner web saya http://www.rahsiafirdaus.com

    di malaysiaedge.com

    leh whatsapp saya tak


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